Melbourne Fight Club





This grading is for our older primary school children in our leadership program (White Uniform) and Black Uniform that are ready to graduate to white due to their age. They will begin their instructors’ course by dropping their ranks and will start working their way to a Kyokushin Black Belt. We teach them leadership skills and responsibilities, to help them with the later years of primary school. But also, to develop better technique, as they get ready to move into our instructors’ program and senior training at the age of thirteen.

Our Junior grading is a much more serious grading taking approximately 2-3 hours and is held 3 times a year. Starting at a low level up to the 6th Kyu yellow belt. A child can do all 3 gradings a year, as long as they have at least participated in 20 classes according to the syllabus. At this age, a child needs to have a good understanding of the Kyokushin Karate technique.



Next Grading will be held on April 27, 2024