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Get the right guidance in achieving your fitness goals with our Master Trainers. With over 50 years of experience, achieve your goal through Martial Arts training. 


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Starting Strong, Finishing Stronger: Your Journey from Here to
Your Ultimate Fitness Destination Begins Now!

You're driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether it's in your career, personal goals, or relationships, you've set a high bar for yourself and consistently surpassed it. Yet, there's one area where this pattern of success seems to falter: your health and fitness journey.

Despite your best efforts, the strategies that have propelled you to success elsewhere often fall short in the realm of health. You've experimented with various diets, from Keto to Paleo to Atkins, hoping to find the magic solution. Perhaps you've even pushed yourself to extremes, embracing severe calorie deficits or prolonged fasting, only to find yourself drained and disheartened.

It's understandable to feel frustrated, even defeated, when your unwavering dedication yields minimal results. Despite meticulously counting macros, pushing through grueling workouts, and adhering to every guideline, the transformation you desire remains elusive.

In the face of this relentless pursuit, it's easy to question whether achieving your ideal physique is simply beyond your grasp. You've mastered the art of excelling in your 9-to-5, but when it comes to sculpting your body, it feels like an insurmountable challenge.

However, it's crucial to recognize that true transformation requires more than just effort—it demands a strategic approach tailored to your unique needs. Despite pouring your energy into the wrong methods, there is hope for meaningful change.


  • Are you seeking a transformative journey for your body and appearance, but find yourself short on time to sift through fad diets and ineffective programs? Personal training offers a streamlined path to reaching your goals efficiently, leveraging our 30 years of experience in Martial Arts, cardio, and weight training to ensure tangible results.

  • Do you aspire to sculpt your physique, packing on muscle and strength, yet feel overwhelmed by where to begin? Our personalized training approach guides you through every step, crafting a tailored regimen that optimizes your potential and propels you toward your fitness aspirations.

  • Are you burdened by guilt when indulging in certain foods, but hesitant to adopt a diet that drains the joy out of eating? With our personal training, you'll discover a balanced approach to nutrition that nourishes both body and soul, allowing you to savor your favorite foods guilt-free while still progressing towards your goals.

  • Is shedding those last stubborn kilos a persistent challenge, leaving you eager to unlock your full potential and achieve peak physical condition? Our comprehensive training programs are designed to push past plateaus, helping you shed excess weight and sculpt a body that reflects your dedication and determination.

  • Do you find yourself struggling to make the most of your limited time in the gym, craving a training regimen that maximizes every minute of your workout? Through personalized coaching, we optimize your gym sessions, ensuring that each exercise and technique is purposeful, effectively advancing you towards your fitness objectives.
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of results, despite your unwavering dedication to your fitness journey? Our experienced personal trainers provide the expertise and guidance needed to break through barriers, empowering you to overcome obstacles and realize the transformative changes you desire.



Over 50 years of experience in fitness training

Our master trainers each have over 50 years of training in martial arts and fitness. With their wealth of experience, personal training at Fight Club Melbourne comes with a 100% guarantee of achieving results!


What can you expect from our Personal Training Sessions?

Our Personal Training sessions are customisable to each individual's needs. Our trainers will usually work with you on a sit-down consultation to assess the goals you are looking to achieve. Afterwards, we will develop a specially curated training program according to the packaging that you will be doing. 


What type of training can you do in your sessions? 

Here at Melbourne Fight Club, we understand each person has a different goal. As a leading expert with proven results in the industry, we provide training not just in the Martial Art you want to learn but all different kinds of training that can lead to your ultimate fitness goals that will stay with you forever.  


What types of program do you have? 



Fight Club Melbourne offers a successful personal training regime to get that body you have always wanted. With personal training, we have a selection of master trainers specialising in Boxing, Muay Thai and general gym exercises. The classes are customisable so that you can structure the class to what works for your body and get the best results. Our trainers also guide you on lifestyle habits and nutrition to ensure maximum progress towards your fitness goals.

Our one-on-one Personal Training sessions start as low as $80 per session and are designed to cater to the individual's requirements.




Make working out more fun by doing it with a friend. Get fit, tone up and stay motivated together. Sessions are 60 minutes with a trainer that customizes your session to your needs. Save money by training with a friend and start working out for only $65 per person. 

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What better way to spend time with friends, colleagues, and family than to have an amazing workout together! Our small group classes provide a way to motivate, achieve and develop teamwork between you and your group. Reaching fitness and training goals and have a blast along the way is our main priority.

Our 60-minute training sessions are flexible to match your needs, with a max. of 5 people. Session starts at $40 per person. 


A well-defined program is made especially for those who are looking to lose weight, get fit, and get a proper definition of their body and muscles. The Slimbody Challenge is a program developed by the Master Trainers themselves to promote a stable way of losing weight through proper intense training in martial art and a proper diet plan. The Slimbody Challenge consists of 3 Personal Training Sessions per week and a successful end goal reward! 


Dreaming of starting on doing MMA? Have you ever had that dream to be an MMA Pro? We have designed this Personal Training Program specifically for those looking to begin their MMA journey, regardless of experience! The program consists of 2-Personal Training Sessions that run for 45 minutes each and free access to all the classes and facilities within the 6-Week duration of the program. 


The Lifestyle Pack is a special personal training package for those who are looking to train for more than just 1 session per week. It is a package that consists of 3 sessions per week and the ability to choose between what you want to train on, like strength conditioning, weights training, any choice of Martial Art, or etc. The lifestyle pack will allow you to save up to $15.00 per session.   

We have been in the industry for nearly 50 years.

and recognized globally as a leading Martial Arts Center.

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With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, we offer 80 classes per week to adults and children. Our knowledgeable instructors create a welcoming environment for students of all ages and abilities.


Join us TODAY to begin your journey of personal development, physical fitness, and self-defence through martial arts.

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