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Our Muay Thai classes here at Fight Club Melbourne are the most comprehensive and well-taught in all of Australia. Anyone willing to learn is welcome! We will provide you with a motivated, safe, and friendly environment. Our Muay Thai utilizes the art of 8 limbs. You are guaranteed to get a full-body workout in any of our Muay Thai classes as you punch, knee, kick and elbow your way to a fitter and skillful version of yourself.

The fitness level required for Muay Thai is something that all beginners work up to and achieve through regular training. We will teach you footwork, defensive techniques, punching, and kicking while also developing your fitness and confidence.

Once you develop an understanding of the techniques, you will be allowed to train in the intermediate classes where we will help you refine and develop your Muay Thai style further. After 3 months you will have the opportunity to take part in a grading system which will then allow you to become an instructor. We have instructors that trained in our gym so we can guarantee our teaching method is one of the best!

If you would prefer Kickboxing, we can also help to perfect basic techniques such as footwork, defense, punching, and kicking as well as help you to get your fitness up to insane levels!


Book yourself in for an Introductory Personal Training (PT) session with one of our master trainers! We will spend the 45-minute session getting you prepared for your first class.

We will teach you how to execute the correct basic technique and help you feel comfortable with the style before attending your first class!

Muay Thai classes Melbourne CBD 004
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Muay Thai Classes Melbourne CBD
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We have been in the industry for nearly 50 years.

and recognized globally as a leading Martial Arts Center.

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With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, we offer 80 classes per week to adults and children. Our knowledgeable instructors create a welcoming environment for students of all ages and abilities.


Join us TODAY to begin your journey of personal development, physical fitness, and self-defence through martial arts.

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Vaults 9 & 10, Banana Alley
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Monday to Friday
06:30 AM - 8:30 PM
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