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A grading designed for you, to test your ability and Muay Thai knowledge!

Melbourne Martial Arts Academy is led by George Kolovos, an Internationally renowned Martial Arts Master. Over the years he has designed a grading system to encourage his students to test their knowledge of Muay Thai techniques. This has been designed to motivate students to have a deeper passion for the sport and to train more seriously. During this grading students can evaluate their technique against the other students. The test scores from 1-10 based on techniques. Students will receive a certificate and a higher ranked singlet upon passing their grading.

A grading is nothing more than a long class. A class that will take about 3 hours if you are grading for the first 3 singlets. Higher ranked gradings will last up to 4 hours. During the grading you will not only be tested on your fitness and stamina, but also on your spirit. The highest ranked singlet will be the Black Singlet Instructors Level. Through this, you have a change to get a license from the VIC Combat Sports. An accomplishment which is hard to achieve.  George Kolovos holds a prestigious reputation because of his affiliation, you now have the opportunity to be recognized by the Combat Sports Industry.

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Titans Muay Thai Melbourne

We would like to welcome trainer of Muay Thai,
David Fuh who has received his
Black Singlet after 3 years of training
and a 4- hour grading.


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November 25, 2023